Process optimization phase on-going.

Process parameters are currently under optimization:

  • Identification of maximum injection pressure in order to reduce cycle time (mould filling ) without fibre wash out;
  • Optimization of temperature distribution in the mould in order to reduce curing time;
  • Pressure control during injection in order to guarantee homogeneous impregnation and repeatability.

Previous Outcomes

September 2017

HP-RTM mold installed and tested at RiBa facilities.

 July 2017

Production of the set of high-volume process wheel to be tested following homologation standards was completed.

 May 2017

Production of the first automated high-volume process wheel at Fraunhofer ICT.

 March 2017

Production of the HP-RTM mold completed.

 January 2017

Successful preliminary testing campaign on prototypes manufactured with hand lay-up and autoclave technology using the same concepts adopted for the automated process. The OEM is fully supporting the consortium with further specific tests.

 November 2016

Definition of the pre-forming strategies and equipment completed.

 September 2016

Optimization of the tooling set-up through FEM simulation on the basis of the selected fibers, resin system and mold constraints. Evaulation of different injection strategies for optimal process performance.

 July 2016

Tooling concept was finalized.

 May 2016

The design and specification of the wheel with the OEM was defined.

 March 2016

Plates for fiber/resin/binder characterization including aging and creep condition have been produced and are currently under testing.

February 2016

Different binder, fiber and resin suppliers have been contacted and interviewed. Different resin systems and  binders have been finally selected for further characterization.bigstock-Laboratory-glassware-with-liqu-14752865

January 2016

Preliminary FEM infusion simulation (PAM-RTM) have been carried out for injection strategies evaluation.